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The upper arms have their way of making people feel good about themselves or the other way around. Many plastic surgeons advise people who are dissatisfied with the appearance of their upper arms to undergo Brachioplasty surgery, often known as an arm lift.

And the most frequently asked question is, how much does Brachioplasty cost? So let’s reveal that in this article as we share other useful information about the surgery.

What is Brachioplasty surgery?

A before and after view of a young Caucasian lady who had a brachioplasty.Brachioplasty surgery, also called arm lift, is a procedure that reshapes the back of your upper arm by removing extra skin and tissue from the arm to the elbow. As a result, the upper arms look firm and smooth.

What cosmetic concerns does an arm lift procedure treat?

Sometimes, losing weight does not mean getting to the finish line. This is because when the skin gradually stretches as a person’s weight increases over time, it does not have the elasticity to bounce back into place when you lose a lot of weight.

Extra tissue folds in the skin may result from this. These are most likely on your upper thighs, lower tummy, and under your arm and chin.

This is where the arm lift comes in; it’s a type of body-contouring surgery where it alters the upper arm’s underside from the armpit to the elbow. Excess skin and fat are removed during surgery to provide a more toned and balanced appearance.

Who is the ideal candidate for an arm lift procedure?

A plastic surgeon is preparing to tighten the skin of the hands.Generally, the ideal candidates are reasonably good-health adults who want to get rid of the sagging skin on their upper arms.

Excellent candidates are also those who have recently dropped considerable weight and have extra loose skin beneath their upper arms that they want to lose sight of.

What happens during the arm lift surgery?

In most cases, an arm lift starts with general anesthesia, given that you have already done your consultation and are qualified to proceed with the surgery.

The anesthesia will put you to sleep so you can endure the procedure without feeling any sensation. Alternatively, you can be given medication to keep you relaxed but awake together with a local anesthetic.

The anesthesiologist will monitor your heart rate, blood pressure, and other vital indicators throughout the procedure. The doctor then makes a cut on the inside or along the back of your arm that will extend from your elbow to your underarm. In this location, the surgeon removes excess skin and fat.

Afterward, your incisions will be dressed by medical personnel. The staff may insert drains to avoid fluid accumulation under the incision as the area heals. Antibiotics will also be prescribed after the procedure to prevent infection.

How long does arm lift surgery take to perform?

Team of professional surgeons performing operationA Brachioplasty procedure doesn’t take a lot of time. It typically takes about one to two hours. Therefore, patients get to go home the same day.

Choose a suitable and experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Bret A. Johnson, MD and be comfortable during the procedure because you’re confident with the results.

Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute, where you can find Dr. Bret, is located around Texas: Dallas and Plano.

How much should a Brachioplasty cost?

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons’ current figures shows that an arm lift’s ballpark cost is $4,861. However, this does not include other related charges. It also depends on the clinic, surgeon, and many other factors.

What Other Costs Could Be Associated with an Arm Lift?

Anesthesia, operating room equipment, and other related costs are not included in the average price. The surgeon’s fee for an arm lift surgery will depend on the surgeon’s experience, the type of treatment done, and the clinic’s location.

Here is a list of these other costs to consider:

  • Anesthesia Fee
  • Hospital operating room or surgical facility costs
  • Fees of medical tests
  • Doctor fees for follow-up visits or procedures
  • Cost of post-surgery garments prescribed
  • Cost of medical prescriptions
  • Surgeon’s fee

How Much Does General Anesthesia Cost?

anesthesiologist gives the mask inhalation anesthesiaAfter the initial half-hour, the cost of general anesthesia is often computed at 15-minute intervals. The price is typically rounded up to the nearest 15 minutes and is $400 for the first half-hour and $150 for each succeeding 15-minute increment.

How Much Does Operating Room Time Cost?

The average cost of using a hospital operating room or surgical facility is roughly $62 per minute. However, prices can vary from $22 to $133 per minute, according to a 2018 article. The price has most likely increased after these few years.

What can someone expect from the results of an arm lift procedure?

Immediately following surgery, you’ll see differences in the contour and tone of your upper arms.

As long as you keep a stable weight and general fitness, the effects of your arm lift surgery will remain for a very long time. Although it is normal for your body to lose some firmness as you get older, most of your improvement should be long-lasting.

What are the potential side effects of an arm lift procedure?

The side effects of the surgery first would be swelling. After the procedure, employing supporting wraps might lessen this.

A lengthy scar develops between the armpit and the elbow that might be minimized with incision tape. Even though how well you care for the afflicted area substantially affects how apparent the scar is, there is a risk that it will still be noticeable for at least 5-8 weeks after the operation.

Postoperative care is crucial for the patient since; if they don’t move frequently, they risk developing blood clots. So just follow the doctor’s post-operative advice to avoid the risks.

How long does it take to see results from an arm lift?

A beautiful woman raises her arms to measure her arm circumference with a white tape measureAfter the treatment, the shape of the patient’s arms should immediately improve. However, it may take a few weeks for the postoperative swelling to go down to the point where patients may genuinely start to see how their newly shaped arms will look.

Most arm swelling should go down after about six weeks, and the arm will improve over the following few months as the tightened arm skin settles and heals.

How long does it take to heal from an arm lift?

4-6 weeks following your surgery, all swelling and bruises should be mostly gone. Additionally, the surgeon will inform you that you no longer need to wear upper arm compression sleeves.

And finally, after a month, many patients receive the all-clear to pick up heavier weights, resume their usual fitness regimen, and return to sports that involve arm lifting.

However, treatments for scarring should continue for four to six months after the surgery despite being fully healed.

How do I get the best results from Brachioplasty?

Although Brachioplasty offers promising and immediate results, it is still case-to-case. In some cases, a single surgical treatment might not be sufficient to produce the best results, and a second surgery can be required.

During Brachioplasty, the surgeon may also conduct liposuction. Talk to Dr. Bret A. Johnson for the best advice to get the best results.

Are arm lift scars noticeable?

Scarring is an unavoidable side effect; however, Dr. Bret strives to leave behind less noticeable scars by making the incisions in discrete places.

The resulting scar should diminish with proper scar care and become barely perceptible when you elevate your arms.

How do you prevent scarring after Brachioplasty?

Arm lift scars can now be significantly reduced in length or softened in appearance thanks to advancements in technology, procedures, and scar care.

During routine follow-ups, scar treatment will be discussed with Dr. Bret. Immature scars can be flattened and desensitized with the help of scar massage.

Over the first few months, the wounds may also be covered with silicone sheeting or paper tape. They encourage more rapid scar reconstruction, either by hydrating the tissue or raising the temperature of the scar. For the first few months following surgery, they should be worn continuously, except when showering.

Is arm lift surgery worth the cost?

Brachioplasty or Upper-Arm Lift plastic surgery in Asian woman.If you have extra skin that hangs below your arms and does not only take away their toned appearance but also your confidence, then it’s worth it.

The results are immediate and long-lasting, and the recovery is fast. Therefore arm lift surgery is worth the cost. However, above all, the cost is only worth it if you put it in the hands of a great surgeon.

Does insurance pay for arm lift surgery?

An arm lift treatment is typically not covered by insurance companies. However, there’s a chance that an exception can be made if you have restricted arm movement or an illness close to a skinfold.

Talk to your insurance provider. And most medical offices also offer payment plans, so make sure to inquire.

Trust Only the Best Hands

Finding a surgeon who can offer the best results is one of the most significant factors that make a Brachioplasty surgery worth it.

Dr. Bret Johnson completed two residencies in both general surgery and plastic surgery. He also has a significant amount of other aesthetic surgery experience.

He takes great pride in his surgical skill, meticulousness, and results that look their best. Arm lift surgery is one of the most important decisions you can make, so choose Dr. Bret Johnson.

Last updated on February 13, 2023

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