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Some women may aspire to have big breasts—but not everyone. Women born with large breasts know the struggle, especially if the size is not proportionate to their bodies.

Big breasts can bring discomfort, and sometimes, they can affect your health and wellness.

A breast reduction surgery is what you need if you would like to end the struggle that comes with large breasts.

If you have not considered it yet, let us walk you through the process of breast reduction surgery and the telling signs that you need it immediately.

What is breast reduction surgery

signs you need a breast reduction

Breast reduction surgery, also called reduction mammaplasty, is a procedure that decreases the size of your breasts. The method removes breast tissue, excess fat, and skin that contribute to weight and size.

How Breast Reduction Surgery Works

Breast reduction surgery works just like any other typical surgery for the body. Before the procedure, you’ll be given general anesthesia.

It starts with a surgical incision to your areola. In cases where there is excess fat, your physician can do liposuction.

Your doctor will then remove excess tissue and skin from your breasts. The process also includes reshaping the breast.

While in some procedures, the nipple and areola remain attached to the skin, others may need them to get repositioned, especially if you have extremely large breasts.

If you are asking how long does it take to get a breast reduction, you will be surprised that it only take less than a day. The surgery does not require hospital admission and only lasts 3-4 hours.

Is breast reduction surgery safe?

Breast reduction is a type of surgery with risks, as with any other surgical procedure. The surgery is generally safe, provided the process is done in the hands of a board-certified plastic surgeon in a medical facility.

It is also crucial to talk with your physician any existing medical conditions, current medications, lifestyle habits, allergies, and expectations.

If you are looking for a breast reduction specialist in Dallas, Dr. Bret Johnson of Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute is the expert for the procedure. Call us today to book an appointment.

Signs You Need a Breast Reduction

requirements for breast reduction

When do you know if you need breast reduction surgery? You need not look further to know why you need one immediately.

Here are the most common reasons for breast reduction surgery:

Constant back pain

A common warning sign that you need breast reduction surgery is back pain that won’t go away. Large breasts affect the curve of your spine, making your back uncomfortable and painful all the time.

Neck and shoulder pain

Aside from your back, neck and shoulder pain are other telling signs that you need surgery. The weight of your breasts also pulls down the muscles from these body parts, leaving you with prolonged discomfort.

More physical issues

Suppose you notice other physical issues that connect with having oversized breasts, such as difficulty breathing, rashes under your breasts due to skin rubbing, nerve pain, and a heavy chest.

In that case, you need a breast reduction immediately. It is important to address the issues and stop other health conditions from developing.

Emotional struggle

Some women whose breasts do not match their body type struggle with emotional pain.

Aside from uncomfortable stares from strangers, they also develop low confidence for not being able to don the clothes they want because of their unusually large breasts.

A breast reduction procedure eliminates your emotional stress and makes you feel beautiful in any body type.

Difficulty in exercising

Exercises tend to require a lot of energy and body force. However, having big breasts can limit your workout routine due to pain and discomfort.

Large breasts can slow down your exercise even with support and low-impact cardio. Surgery helps you perform better activities and leads you to a healthier lifestyle.

If you experience these signs, book a consultation with Bret Johnson, MD of Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute to confirm if you need breast reduction surgery.

How to qualify for breast reduction

reasons for breast reduction surgery

Now if you will ask–how do I know if I need a breast reduction, you need to have the signs mentioned above.

The criteria for breast reduction surgery covers women who undergo physical and emotional pain due to their large breasts.

If you want a solution to constant body pain and other health issues and reduce emotional trouble, this surgery can be the answer.

If you are wondering when to get breast reduction, you can undergo surgery even when you are a teenager.

But for some whose breasts are not fully developed, a second surgery may be needed once you reach the appropriate stage.

However, these requirements for breast reduction may not be a recommended solution if you are obese, a smoker, and have diabetes and heart problems.

Women planning to have a family and eyeing breastfeeding may also forego this procedure until they have met their goals.

Is it painful to have a breast reduction?

Undergoing breast reduction comes with general anesthesia. However, once the procedure is done and the anesthesia has waned out, you can feel soreness in your body. You may feel this for a few days during the recovery period.

Will breast reduction lift my breasts?

The process of breast reduction can lift your breasts. It works to remove extra fat and tissue on your breast and lifts your breast as a result.

Pros and Cons of Breast Reduction

pros and cons of breast reduction

Breast reduction offers you a transformed life without dealing with a heavy load.

Many women choose breast reduction surgery for its advantages, including:

  • Eliminates pain in the back, neck, and shoulders
  • Reduces skin rashes
  • Removes nerve pain
  • Ability to exercise easier
  • Confidence in wearing clothes

Meanwhile, the disadvantages of breast reduction include side effects such as:

  • Temporary bruising
  • Scarring
  • Loss of sensation in nipples and areola
  • Inability to breastfeed
  • Differences in size and shape

It is crucial to get the services of a board-certified surgeon to ensure that you are handled by a specialist like Bret Johnson, MD of Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute, who has done successful procedures for years.

Contact us to know more about our breast reduction surgery services.

How long does it take to recover from breast reduction?

Right after the surgery, expect a few side effects, such as soreness and tiredness. These may last for days.

The recovery also depends on the length of the surgery and the size of breast tissue removed. The recovery period typically lasts from 6-8 weeks. You need to forego strenuous activities during this time.

How much does it cost to have a breast reduction?

The cost of a breast reduction is on a case-to-case basis. Your doctor will have to conduct an assessment first of your condition.

The pricing may vary depending on your breast size and other procedures that may come with it, such as liposuction.

Bret Johnson, MD of Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute can provide you with an accurate costing. Contact to have an initial estimate of a breast reduction surgery cost.

Will health insurance cover breast reduction surgery?

should i get a breast reduction

Your surgery may be covered if there are symptoms such as shortness of breath, history of rashes, numbness, and back pain that cannot be addressed by therapy and exercises.

The surgery should also not be related to other medical issues.

However, insurance coverage still depends on the plan you have. Call your insurance company to confirm if the surgery can be covered.

Breast reduction surgeon in Dallas

As said earlier, breast reduction surgery can be the answer to your big breast problems. Addressing the issues with your large breasts will give you physical comfort and emotional confidence.

If you are looking for a breast reduction surgeon in Dallas, Bret Johnson, MD of Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute is the right physician for you.

As one of the best breast reduction specialists in town, he has years of experience in breast augmentation and reduction for hundreds of women seeking medical help for their large breasts.

Call Bret Johnson, MD today to book a consultation with Dr. Bret Johnson or visit our Dallas, Texas clinic.

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