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Botox is a popular cosmetic procedure that eliminates visible signs of aging. It reduces your fine lines and wrinkles and gives you smoother, more glowing skin.

Over 11 million people worldwide have used this nonsurgical treatment as a solution for aging, and it has been a standard beauty procedure for both men and women.

Botox treatment is generally safe, fast, and less painful than other invasive cosmetic methods.

But if you feel anxious about doing it, here’s your guide on what to expect before the procedure.

What exactly is Botox?

what to expect when you get botoxBotox is a brand name for botulinum toxin, a chemical derivative that temporarily weakens the facial muscles. Muscle relaxation decreases visible aging marks such as laugh lines, crow’s feet, creases, and wrinkles around the eye.

The treatment improves your appearance and makes you look younger.

How Does Botox Work?

Muscles in the face create wrinkles in the face. With a Botox treatment, the bacteria Clostridium botulinum is diluted in saline before being injected into your skin.

It relaxes the muscles and removes unwanted creases and folds, giving the skin a smoother look.

However, the effects of Botox do not show instantly. A smoother skin begins to show a few days after the treatment.

Who is eligible for Botox?

Botox is generally considered by people already in their 40s and 50s. Within this age range, fine lines and wrinkles are visible on the face and the neck. But you can undergo the treatment as early as your late 20s or 30s when the fold begins to appear.

Women are more associated with women. However, men have also begun to welcome this cosmetic procedure as part of their anti-aging solutions.

If you are considering getting a Botox, seek consultation with Dr. Bret Johnson, a Dallas cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgeon skilled in conducting successful and safe Botox treatment. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

What to expect when you get Botox?

what to expect from botoxBotox is a safe and effective treatment for your skin’s aging features. If you want this treatment for your face, you must be equipped with the correct information to know what to expect during the procedure.

Before the Botox procedure

If it is your first time getting botox, the procedure always includes a consultation with a specialist. Your doctor will have to ask serious questions regarding your condition and the medications you are taking. You must lay down all information about any underlying medical condition and history. This will ensure that the treatment is safe for you and will not affect your situation.

Afterward, your doctor will look into possible areas for treatment, discuss how the injection works, and discuss the expected results. The appointment is also the perfect time to ask any bugging questions you have so you and your doctor are both on the same page.

During the Botox procedure

Since your doctor has already made an initial assessment for your procedure, the treatment itself will be fast and easy.

A Botox treatment can last up to 20 minutes or even less, depending on the areas to treat.

These are the step-by-step procedure for your Botox treatment:

  1. Your doctor will go over the assessment from your initial consultation. You may also be asked a few questions, which ensure your specialist that you came prepared for the procedure.
  2. Your specialist will circle the spots intended for Botox and prepare the necessary equipment.
  3. A mild cleaner will be applied to the areas for injection.
  4. Your doctor will inject 1-3 Botox into your facial muscles using a micro-needle.
  5. If your skin shows swelling, your doctor may apply ice and pressure to reduce symptoms.
  6. Your specialist will give you aftercare instructions you must abide by to maximize the effects of Botox.

After the Botox procedure

The good thing about the procedure is that you can return to your routine after the treatment. While you do not need to undergo a recovery period, you still have to remember the aftercare instructions your doctor will give you.

There may be instances where Botox can spread to other muscles in the body, therefore decreasing its effect on the intended site.

To avoid this, you should take note of the following reminders:

  • Do not rub the injection site
  • Do not lie down immediately after the procedure
  • Do not engage in strenuous activities such as heavy exercise in the next 24 hours after the treatment.

What Are the Risks of Getting Botox?

Risks of Getting BotoxBotox is generally a safe treatment. There may be minor side effects that can go away in just a couple of days and can be treated with over-the-counter medications.

Minor side effects include:

  • Headache
  • Neck pain
  • Flu-like symptoms
  • Bruising
  • Swelling
  • Redness

However, you need to seek your physician’s opinion if you experience severe symptoms that may require immediate treatment.
These symptoms include:

  • Blurry vision
  • Urinary tract infection symptoms
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Difficulty in swallowing food
  • Numbness in the face
  • Indigestion
  • Slurred speech

Get treatment only from board-certified cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgeons to ensure you will not have severe side effects after your injection. You can call Dr. Bret Johnson if you want the best Botox treatment in Dallas. Contact us today to book a consultation.

How to Prepare for Botox treatment

You are required to avoid alcohol consumption 24 hours before undergoing cosmetic treatment. Additionally, you need to stop taking ibuprofen and blood-thinning medications to prevent skin redness, swelling, and bruising.

How long before Botox starts working?

You will start seeing the reduction of wrinkles and folds in your face after 1-3 days after your procedure. After two weeks, your face will achieve the full effects of the treatment.

What happens after a Botox treatment?

After the procedure, you may ask what botox feels like after the treatment.

You may experience minor side effects after the treatment, which include bruising and swelling within the injection site. A pack of ice can do the trick in lessening the swelling. If there is pain, you can take a pain reliever.

How Long Does Botox Last?

when getting botox for the first time

The effects of the Botox treatment typically last for three months. A regular Botox treatment is highly recommended to ensure consistency in your appearance.

Schedule your regular Botox treatment. We offer you quality procedures done by one of the best specialists in Dallas. Call us to book an appointment.

How much does it cost to get Botox?

The pricing of a Botox treatment varies depending on one’s case. The cost will have to cover the severity of the wrinkles and creases you want to be eliminated, the duration of the procedure, and other additional medication you may need in the process.

Can You Exercise After Botox?

You can’t exercise immediately after Botox — however, you must wait at least 3 hours to do any physical activity.

Best Botox specialist in Dallas

When getting botox for the first time, you should only seek an expert who can do the job safely. Dr. Bret Johnson is a suitable specialist if you want to undergo Botox treatment to solve your aging issues.

Dr. Bret Johnson can provide you with the right solution without going under the knife. We offer a non-invasive treatment for aging that has no downtime and won’t require a recovery period.

Do you want to eliminate those unwanted folds and creases in your face? Call us to book a Botox treatment consultation today.

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